The Oral Tradition

Questions to think about during this lesson…

  • Why would the Orthodox consider the doctrine of “justification by faith alone” and “the altar call” traditions created by men (Matthew 15:3; 7-9, Mark 7:8)?
  • What “tradition” does the Orthodox Church adhere to and how is this not considered a “tradition of men?”
  • Why would the Orthodox consider it misguided to say that ONLY the Bible has authority?
  • Why isn’t the Bible the complete depository of Apostolic Tradition?
  • For the Orthodox, why aren’t Scripture and Tradition two different things?
  • In antiquity, why was Oral Tradition considered more reliable and accurate than writings?
  • Why can we rely on the accuracy of the Oral Tradition when related to the Bible?
  • Why did people remember biblical stories and how can their accounts be reliable?
  • How is the Oral Tradition different from “the telephone game?”
  • What are some things that make Oral Tradition trustworthy?
  • Why is the Oral Tradition considered inspired by the Holy Spirit?
  • What are some ways we can verify the accuracy of the Oral Tradition?
  • Why do Orthodox Christians have so much confidence in the Oral Tradition?

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