Leviticus (Part 2)

We’re always looking for ideas to get the most out of Dr. Jeannie’s lessons. With this in mind, the following questions were provided by Marianna Sayeg from the Bible study group at St. Mary’s Orthodox Church in Cambridge, MA. These questions are related to both Leviticus (Part 1) and Leviticus (Part 2).
  1. What topics does the book of Leviticus cover? Why does it directly follow the book of Exodus?
  2. Why were the laws of ritual purity given to the Hebrews to follow? Why is it valuable for us to study them now?
  3. What did the Hebrews believe about animal sacrifice? How was their view different from the views of other Middle Eastern cultures of the time?
  4. Dr. Jeannie suggests that one positive effect of animal sacrifice was that it enforced in people’s minds the gravity of sin, and the connection between sin and death. Do you think there would be less sin if we still practiced animal sacrifice?
  5. How did the Jewish priesthood work in the time of the Temple? What were the duties of the priests, chief priests, High Priest, and Levites?

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