Genesis (Part 1)

Questions to think about during this lesson…

  • Why don’t Orthodox Christians get involved in the battles with science over the Creation account in Genesis?
  • What does Dr. Jeannie mean when she says that in the Orthodox tradition we do not engage in speculation about mysteries (such as how God created the world)?
  • What did the Fathers mean when they insisted that Genesis must be accepted literally?
  • Why does St. John Chrysostom deny that God physically formed Adam out of the dust of the earth with His hands?
  • The Orthodox view of the Bible does not place science and religion against each other. What does this mean, and how is this so?
  • How did the dinosaurs die if they lived before Adam, and death came into the world because of Adam? (Hint: If you’re asking that question, you’re missing the point of the Genesis story)

Download this lesson or listen to it below: