Elijah (Part 4)

We’re always looking for ideas to get the most out of Dr. Jeannie’s lessons. With this in mind, the following questions were provided by the Bible study group at St. Mary’s Orthodox Church in Cambridge, MA. These questions are related to both Elijah (Part 4) and Introduction to the Prophets (Part 1).
  1. What is the significance of Elijah’s being taken up bodily into heaven while still alive?
  2. What does Elisha’s striking of the water with Elijah’s mantle tell us about the actions and intercessions of the saints?
  3. In what sense do the Fathers take Genesis “literally”? How does that differ from our understanding of what a literal interpretation of the Bible would be?
  4. What are the reasons Dr. Jeannie provides for our not being able to understand Scripture solely on a literal level?
  5. What is prophecy in the Bible? What are its different levels? How does this differ from how we think about prophecy today?
  6. How does our admitted lack of understanding of God influence our worship and spirituality? How does it influence our understanding of Scripture?

Download this lesson or listen to it below: