Numbers (Part 1)

We’re always looking for ideas to get the most out of Dr. Jeannie’s lessons. With this in mind, the following questions were provided by the Bible study group at St. Mary’s Orthodox Church in Cambridge, MA. These questions are related to both Numbers (Part 1) and Numbers (Part 2).
  1. What was the law of bitter waters? Why didn’t it apply equally to men and women?
  2. What is the conflicting “tradition” surrounding Mary and the bitter waters? How does Dr. Jeannie suggest that we assess what to believe in the case of conflicting traditions? (Ex. What do we believe about St. John’s lifespan)?
  3. What did it mean to make a Nazziritic vow? Who are some famous examples of Nazzirites in the Bible?
  4. For what reasons does God sentence the Hebrews to 40 years of wandering in the desert? Why was Moses also forbidden to enter the Promised Land?
  5. What parallels can be drawn between the bronze serpent and Christ? What other direct typologies does Christ draw between himself and figures in the Old Testament?
  6. Dr. Jeannie does not talk much about the census of the 12 tribes that occurs in Numbers. Do you think there is a spiritual meaning to be drawn from this information or that it is purely historical?

Download this lesson or listen to it below: