Joshua (Part 2)

We’re always looking for ideas to get the most out of Dr. Jeannie’s lessons. With this in mind, the following questions were provided by the Bible study group at St. Mary’s Orthodox Church in Cambridge, MA. These questions are related to both Joshua (Part 1) and Joshua (Part 2).
  1. Review: What are some of the differences between how the Jews, the early Christians, and modern Christians structure the scriptures?
  2. At the beginning of the book of Joshua, how many years has it been since the Hebrews left the Promised Land? What happened in that time?
  3. Why did the Jews enter the Promised Land across the Jordan instead of taking a coastal highway?
  4. What happens at Jericho? How are the spies able to gather information? How are the Hebrews able to win the battle?
  5. How is Joshua a TYPE (as in typology) of Christ?

Download this lesson or listen to it below: