Where Did The Bible Actually Come From?

Where did the Bible actually come from? Who wrote the Bible and when? Why are certain books in the Bible and not others? Who decided what would be in the Bible? What did Bibles look like in the ancient Church?

What about claims that are made about the existence of secret books, as in The Da Vinci Code? What should we know about the Gospel of Judas? What about Oral Tradition? How should we understand words like “inspiration” and “inerrancy?” What about different translations and versions?

In this special series you’ll learn everything you never thought to ask about the Bible, but would be amazed to find out.

In lessons 1-8 you’ll discover…

  • How the Bible can still be “inspired” even if an entire story was added by a copyist
  • How the Bible can still be “true” even if it says the earth is flat
  • Why there’s no conflict whatsoever between the Bible and science for Orthodox Christians
  • Why some words were deliberately removed from the Bible (and why this shouldn’t concern you)
  • Why Orthodox Christians consider it misguided to say that ONLY the Bible has authority
  • How we can verify the accuracy of the Oral Tradition when related to the Bible

In lessons 9-16 you’ll discover…

  • Why Orthodox, Catholics and Protestants have different books in their Old Testament
  • How the layout, content and number of books of the Christian Old Testament differs from that of the Jewish Bible
  • What the Dead Sea Scrolls are and why they’re important
  • What the “apocryphal” books are and why Dan Brown’s claims in the Da Vinci Code aren’t historically accurate
  • How you can have a different number of books in your Bible and STILL be completely orthodox in doctrine.

Note: All lessons are in MP3 format. Click on a link below to get started. On the next page you can either listen to the lesson online or download to your computer or MP3 player and listen at your convenience. 


  1. Overview
  2. Inspiration and Inerrancy (Part 1)
  3. Inspiration and Inerrancy (Part 2)
  4. The Oral Tradition
  5. Bible Manuscripts (Part 1)
  6. Bible Manuscripts (Part 2)
  7. Bible Manuscripts (Part 3)
  8. The Septuagint
  9. The Canon (Part 1)
  10. The Canon (Part 2)
  11. The Canon (Part 3)
  12. The Canon (Part 4)
  13. Supplemental Lesson on the Apocrypha (Part 1)
  14. Supplemental Lesson on the Apocrypha (Part 2)
  15. The Canon (Part 5)
  16. Translations and Versions