The Trials, Crucifixion and Resurrection of Christ

This in-depth series focuses on the Passion of Christ from an Orthodox perspective as Dr. Jeannie — a 21st century lawyer –investigates the Jewish and Roman trials of Christ and His subsequent execution from a legal, historical, biblical and spiritual point of view.

Who were the groups and individuals involved in orchestrating this event? What were the accusations brought against Christ and what motivated His accusers? Were the trials conducted properly according to Jewish and Roman law? Why was Jesus crucified and what did that form of capital punishment entail? What were the social implications of this mode of execution and how did early Christians respond to it? What reaction does the fact of Christ’s crucifixion still arouse in Jews and others even today?

This special series is offered with belief that a greater knowledge of the Lord’s Passion will lead us to a deeper appreciation for His sacrifice.

  1. The Trials and Crucifixion (Part 1)
  2. The Trials and Crucifixion (Part 2a)
  3. The Trials and Crucifixion (Part 2b)
  4. The Jewish Trial (Part 1)
  5. The Jewish Trial (Part 2)
  6. The Roman Trial (Part 1)
  7. The Roman Trial (Part 2)
  8. The Crucifixion of Christ (Part 1)
  9. The Crucifixion of Christ (Part 2)
  10. Christ is Risen! (Part 1)
  11. Christ is Risen! (Part 2)
  12. Christ is Risen! (Part 3)
  13. Christ is Risen! (Part 4)
  14. Christ is Risen! (Part 5)
  15. Christ is Risen! (Part 6)
  16. Christ is Risen! (Part 7)